Chief Investment Officer

Consultant of the Year – Jim Vos

Aksia’s CEO Jim Vos has been named as CIO Consultant of the Year for 2016.

2016 Knowledge Brokers “New Guard” – Brett Minarik

Aksia’s Brett Minarik has been named by CIO Magazine as one of the 5 star consultants that will transform their firms and the industry in five years.

*These awards were provided by CIO, a magazine publication and news site whose target audience is large institutional investors. Mr. Vos was selected as “Consultant of the Year” by CIO’s editorial staff from a pool of nominees derived from CIO’s annual list of “Knowledge Brokers”. The final selection process for Mr. Vos’ Consultant of the Year award involved input from an advisory board comprised of past winners as well as opinions from sources. Mr. Vos and Mr. Minarik were chosen as Knowledge Brokers based on a number of factors, including institutional investor opinion, although investor opinion was not the determinative factor in such decision. Based on the above, these awards are not representative of Aksia client experience or satisfaction. Neither Mr. Vos nor Mr. Minarik paid a fee in order to be award nominees.